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Welcome to the official website for WorldSound Productions. Thank you for visiting. We hope you enjoy your time here. There's a lot to take in and we've made every effort to make your visit enjoyable and interesting.   

WorldSound Productions is a passionate labor of love that was formed for the sole purpose of promoting peace, love and cultural enrichment through the music of our friends; our family. 

Within these pages you will find music covering many genres. These world-class musicians and artists all have proven track records and our goal is to help facilitate the best use of their talents. WorldSound Productions serves as a catalyst and gateway, bringing people together, providing a unique combination of talent to choose from for your next project.  

We love what we do and we invite those that love what they do to step inside and enjoy the many talents of these goodwill ambassadors representing the best in all of us and our musical souls. 

Again, Thank You for visiting. We hope you will take the time to explore the site and learn more about the Artists represented here and their music. We know you have many options for the use of your time and we sincerely appreciate that you've chosen to spend some time here. If we can assist in your search for music for a project, we welcome you to contact us.

Licensing through Music Supervisor 





WorldSound has registered hundreds of tracks of music with MusicSupervisor.com and Broadjam.com. They provide a full suite of Licensing & Clearance services to get you the music you need as quickly as possible. 

AirPlay Direct is a source of broadcast quality tracks for radio and DJs.  Their banner will appear throughout this site for Artists whose music is available via AirPlay Direct.  




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Corciolli's Music - Pandora.com


Alexandre Guerrra's Music - Pandora.com


Camilo Carrara (Acoustic Guitar) - Pandora.com


Carlos Slivskin (Children's Music) - Pandora.com


Cris Cabianca (MPB, Brazilian Rock) - Pandora.com


Danilo Tomic (Tai Chi Music) - Pandora.com


Emilio DeAngeles & Gallo (World Music) - Pandora


Gallo (New Age Music) - Pandora.com


Laurie Z. (Instrumental) - Pandora.com


Marcelo Nadruz (Reiki Music) - Pandora.com


Mike Pike (Baby Lullabies) - Pandora.com


Nature Project - Pandora.com


Seis Com Casca (Jazz) - Pandora.com


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