Alexandre Guerra

Maestro Alexandre Guerra is a composer, arranger and producer. He is a graduate of the Berkelee College of Music where he studied Film Scoring.  He is a Sharp Award winner for Best Arranger for Instrumental Music. He has arranged and produced some beautiful Children's music for Azul Music.


Featuring the acoustic sound of violins, violas, piano, harp, flute, bassoon and oboe and performed by some of the best musicians from Brazil, these poetic and refreshing compositions and arrangements of conductor Alexander Guerra will gently touch the sensibilities and soothe the soul.


Classics for Children with Nature Sounds by Alexandre Guerra

These are some of the most beautiful pieces of classical music arranged and performed with sensitivity and kindness.  Research shows that classical music has beneficial and stimulant effect on babies, helping in  the development of knowledge, sensitivity, creativity, sociability and artistic taste in children.  Selected with the utmost care by Alexandre Guerra, the album contains piano songs of Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann and Beethoven, among others - all accompanied by sounds of nature.  CLASSICS FOR CHILDREN is, undoubtedly, an excellent choice for initiating babies and children into the universe of music.

Piano - Fernando Tomimura & Amilcar Zani; Produced by Alexandre Guerra.


The Most Beautiful Children's Music From Brazil by Alexandre Guerra

Alexandre Guerra translates with sensitivity, tenderness and purity, some of the most beautiful traditional Brazilian children's songs on 2 CDs, totaling over 30 songs.  Presented in their instrumental versions, with beautiful orchestral arrangements.



Pregnancy by Alexandre Guerra

PREGNANCY presents a soft soundtrack of harp, oboe, flute, soft percussion, cello and saxophone sounds for moms and their babies. 




Minhas Primeiras Cantigas De Roda by Alexandre Guerra

This album combines soft feminine voices with flutes, oboés, bassoons and other instruments rarely found in this type of repertoire, giving special character to these children's classic lullabies. Vocals are all in Portugese. Featuring Tânia Maya and Francine Lobo on vocals.


Time To Sleep by Alexandre Guerra & Mike Pike





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