20 million albums sold

6 Grammy nominations

1 Latin Grammy Award

3 Brazilian Sharp/TIM Awards (plus dozens of nominations)


MAY 2015: Azul Music was awarded the PPM 2015 - "Music Professionals Prize" of "Best Independent Publisher" in Brazil!

Azul Music has developed a robust and diversified world class catalogue covering many genres over the 20 years they have been in business. Visit our Music Genres section for popular releases by various artists from the Azul Music label.


Azul Music of Brazil began operations in 1993 as a record and music publishing company. Now celebrating 20 years in business, Azul Music has become a benchmark for excellence in the recording industry through its productions and innovative ideas. 

Azul Music has grown in the areas of music entertainment, digital commerce, publishing and graphic design. Based in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, Azul Music has it’s own distribution and sales staff throughout Brazil, as well as strategic partners in over 40 countries. “Estilo Azul” offers products focused on health, beauty, human well being and a better quality of life. Their business model covers the physical distribution market in traditional bookstores and record shops and websites. Alternative channels include food stores, pet-shops, gift items, educational toys, baby items and cultural associations. 

Azul Music's publishing division manages over 8,000 sound recordings in various musical styles, available for synchronization, TV shows, soap operas, commercials, theater and cinema. Azul Music has over 1,500 licenses, some in national and international productions of prominence (i.e.Ugly Betty), as well as documentaries and films produced in the United States and Europe. In Brazil, Azul Music represents the catalogues of Oreade Music (NL), Edizione Curci (IT), New World (UK), New Earth (USA) and Domo Music Group (USA, Japan).  

Azul Music's vision is to continuously contribute to the cultural enrichment of society, creating opportunities and recognition for artists, musicians and talented professionals. Their mission is to serve all clients with ethical efficiency and transparency, exceeding expectations. 

In 2012 Azul Music launched their new MUSIC DELIVERY Project, an innovative sound design service providing background/foreground music across physical and digital environments to the public in stores, shops, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and other on location sites through direct licensing agreements with the rights holders (individual artists, composers, musicians, record labels and publishers).  

Azul Music on SoundCloud

WorldSound Productions is honored to serve as sub-publisher in the U.S. and Canada for Azul Music (Gus & Layla Music / ASCAP).  

For: Licensing and/or MUSIC DELIVERY inquiries please contact

Janet Cucinotti

CEO at WorldSound Productions 

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