BABY CLASSICS VOL. 1 brings together a selection of well-known Classical songs, in arrangements specially developed for the world of babies. With a sensitive and gentle approach Maestro Carlos Slivskin created renditions of music by composers like Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart and Debussy especially for little ones. To enrich the soft and calm character of these arrangements, nature sounds were added between songs, creating a transparent transition without interruption.


CLASSICS FOR BABIES (with Nature Sounds)

CLASSICS FOR BABIES (with Nature Sounds) - THE BAROQUE PERIOD introduces special arrangements of the Classics from the Baroque Period by Bach, Handel, Corelli, Vivaldi & more, accompanied with sounds of nature.

CLASSICS FOR BABIES (with Nature Sounds) - THE AGE OF ELEGANCE presents Carlos Slivskin's interpretations of Classics by Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Gluck & others from the Age of Elegance, accompanied with sounds of nature.




CLASSICS FOR CHILDREN are some of the most beautiful pieces of classical music arranged and performed with sensitivity and kindness.  Selected with the utmost care by Alexandre Guerra, the album contains piano songs of Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann and Beethoven, among others - all accompanied by sounds of nature. Piano - Fernando Tomimura & Amilcar Zani; Produced by Alexandre Guerra.




Alexandre Guerra translates with sensitivity, tenderness and purity, some of the most beautiful traditional Brazilian children's songs on 2 CDs, totaling over 30 songs.  Presented in their instrumental versions, with beautiful orchestral arrangements.





These are delicate songs that can soothe your baby into a calm and relaxed state. In a magic moment of his life the composer recorded a series of songs with total creativeness and sensitivity, based on the moments watching his son falling asleep. The idea of creating this CD came from his wish to make other children enjoy these same pleasant feelings.


Delicate instrumental melodies, with sounds of nature, designed especially for calming baby.










Alexandre Guerra presents a soft soundtrack for moms and their babies with songs softly rocked by harp, oboe, flute, soft percussion, cello and saxophone sounds. The album has 11 tracks, created by renowned Brazilian erudite musicians.




TIME TO SLEEP by Mike Pike & Alexandre Guerra















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