Clara Sverner

Latin Grammy Nominee and euridide Clara Sverner started her first concerts at the age of six in radio stations at a time there was no television.  She studied with José Kliass in São Paulo, Brazil, Ouis Hildebrand in Geneva, Switzerland, and Leonard Shure in New York.   

A researcher of important and forgotten composers of Brazilian music, she has been recording albums with Paulo Moura since 1983. She has recorded numerous albums, almost all devoted to Brazilian music of great composers: Villa Lobos, Eduardo Souto, Tom Jobim and Pixinquinha, Almeida Prado, Gilberto Mendes, and Ronaldo Miranda.   

She dedicated two LPs and a CD (released internationally by Naxos, 1994) to the impressive body of work of Glauco Velásquez.  In 1999, she recorded a CD with compositions by Chiquinha Gonzaga, one of the greatest Brazilian composers, having previously recorded two LPs dedicated to her works. 

Her performances abroad include Japan, England, Germany, Israel, Spain, France and the United States. 

Ravel + Debussy by Clara Sverner  

Clara Sverner gives us a very personal view of Debussy and Ravel. Recorded by English producer Jeffrey Ginn in Potton Hall, Suffolk, England, the sound treatment is extraordinary, making this album, an indispensable item for lovers of good music.


Chopin by Clara Sverner

Clara Sverner's flawless interpretations of CHOPIN was a 12th Latin Grammy Award Nominee. 


Mozart, Piano Sonatas by Clara Sverner









Chiquinha Gonzaga: Works for Piano by Clara Sverner

Clara Sverner's masterful interpretations of the piano work of one of the greatest Brazilian composers 







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