"The music of Corciolli is designed to heighten the senses, within an air of mystery” BACKROADS MUSIC (US)

“Corciolli is a symphony unto himself” DAILYOM (US)

“Corciolli is a master at layering all his sounds into the mix, with an almost uncanny ability to allow the assorted components to softly float into the track’s foreground and then transition backward, allowing another instrumental sound to take over” NEW AGE REPORTER (US)

“A musical career full of uniqueness and consistency” MONDOPOP (BR)


Corciolli is a Brazilian musician and composer. He has sold close to 2 million CDs in his native country of Brazil alone and his albums have been released in 40 countries. His work brazenly mixes genres and conventions, unafraid to add western operatic sweep to eastern New Age ambience and vice versa. His melodies are simple but inspiring, supported by orchestral arrangements that blend the sounds of electronic synthesizers with acoustic instruments. Some of his work has been featured on international compilation albums alongside artists like Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, Enigma, Sarah Brightman, Alan Parsons Project and Luciano Pavarotti.  

Corciolli released his first recording "All That Binds Us" in 1993, founding the successful Independent Azul Music label, which celebrates 20 years in business this year. These days Corciolli's main focus is on composing soundtracks for film, producing new artists and his own solo career.

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Corciolli's PIANO SOLOS SONGBOOK is an uplifting collection of 11 of Corciolli's songs. Now available in PDF format via Gumroad.

"Fresh, melodic, expressive !! A great addition for piano teachers and lovers of piano music!" ~ Penka Kouneva Hollywood Composer, PhD


Ilusia by Corciolli

A progressive instrumental rock soundtrack.

On Ilusia, Corciolli is reunited with his rock roots, in vigorous and intriguing performances on synthesizers, using samplers of guitars, string orchestras and epic percussions. "My main influences came from progressive rock bands like Yes, Genesis and Pink Floyd, but also from the heaviest rock: Van Halen, Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin," says Corciolli.

As a teenager, he was fascinated by the sonic possibilities offered by electronic synths, through iconic recordings by artists such as Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Tomita. Over the years, Corciolli has naturally incorporated such influences into his albums, but in none of his earlier works does he make it so clear as on ILUSIA.

Featuring 8 instrumental tracks, Corciolli created, played and produced the layers and textures of each song, inviting drummer Ramon Montagner and bassist Mauricio Oliveira to participate in the recordings. For the drum sounds he added sound intensity in the audio and ambience processing, complementing the performance with overlapping orchestral percussion tones and Japanese taikos.
Ilusia - Composed, arranged, produced and performed by Corciolli

With Ramon Montagner on drums and Mauricio Oliveira on bass (tracks 1, 3, & 4)

Drums recorded by Adonias Jr. at Arsis Studio

Basses recorded by Mauricio Oliveira at Alcova Studio

All other instruments recorded by Corciolli at StudioAzul

Mixed by João Milliet and Corciolli at Estúdio do Mosca, StudioAzul and Estúdio Cada Instante

Mastered by Carlos Freitaas at Classic Master

Infinito is the Portuguese word for infinity and the title for Corciolli's newest album.

With over thirty albums successfully released over the past two decades, Corciolli begins a new era with Infinito. It is an organic blend of electronic textures, orchestral layers and uplifting melodies, very visual, with a strong approach to film soundtrack qualities and dreamy atmospheres. 

Infinito's 14 tracks include 10 new compositions by Corciolli like the oneiric ballad Dream of Us; the bossa nova mood on Mono No Aware that radiates with Japanese music influences, or the passionate crossover tango San Telmo, featuring cinematic percusssions. Included are exquisite arrangements of 4 of Brazil's immortal songs: Villa-Lobos Melodia Sentimental; Jobim´s bossa nova hit Se Todos Fossem Iguais à Você; Dolores Duran´s A Noite do Meu Bem (1959´s biggest BR radio hit) and Lamartine Babo´s Eu Sonhei Que Tu Estavas Tão Linda, a wonderful waltz from the 30´s.

Enhancing Corciolli’s subtle piano playing and array of synthesizers are special guests soprano Gracieli Valverde, saxofonist Ma3 and Leonardo Padovani on the violin and er-hu. INFINITO’s melodies are extraordinarily inspired, powered by orchestral arrangements and the liveliness of cinematic percussions. The album cover was designed by Poland’s digital artist Michal Karcz, who has been praised worldwide for his stunning images.

Água by Corciolli

With sensitivity and lightness, the songs of this selectionpresent serene melodies combined with natural sounds of water. They are ideal for auxiliary therapeutic treatments, yoga classes, relaxation sessions or simple and comforting listening to ease tensions.


Para Relaxar by Corciolli

Music for the soul. TO RELAX presents an inspiring musical selection of soft instrumental themes accompanied by sounds of nature. Taken from songs produced by keyboardist and composer Corciolli, this is an excellent auxiliary instrument to accompany meditative practices, therapies or for quiet and relaxed listening.


The Spirits' Movie (O Filme dos Espíritos) [Original Soundtrack]  contains the original soundtrack written and produced by Corciolli. The album features 21 instrumental themes, composed and arranged by Corciolli, using piano, synthesizers, samplers and programming. The album features a collaboration of an elegant "petit committee" of fine musicians on violin, clarinet and acoustic guitar. The job of mixing, surround sound, post production and mastering were done in conjunction with longtime partners, sound engineers Adonias Souza Jr. and Carlos Freitas. 

Messengers of Light Collection by Corciolli

Messengers of Light is an invitation from Corciolli to seek spirituality with the aid of delicate melodies of piano, harp, violin and orchestral sounds. Corciolli's “messages without words”, are like prayers in the shape of music, helping to deliver the listener to that spiritual place where we find it possible to talk with the Inner Essence. 


The Very Best of Corciolli 

was an 8th Latin Grammy Award winner and has been described by celebrated composer and music critic Ronaldo Miranda as "a series of irreproachable sonatas with perfect melodic alignment and poetic sound harmony." is Corciolli's first compilation. Presented in a double set, the carefully selected tracks showcase exquisite interpretations of the artist that reaffirm the proficiency and robust versatility of his work. The first set focuses on his world beat oriented compositions. The second set highlights Corciolli's relaxation and meditational side. 

The Very Best of Corciolli is on AirPlay Direct, a source for downloads of tracks for radio and DJs:


Lightwalk  is an imaginative and diverse offering from Corciolli. Where Corciolli's music is usually associated with a meditative style, with LIGHTWALK, the eighth album in a successful discography, he enters a new phase musically, gathering elements of Progressive Rock, Brazilian Music, World and New Age, emphasizing the rhythmic support of drums, bass and percussion. Featuring a stellar team of guest musicians, the result is a distinctly different and fascinating album. Corciolli has created eleven original compositions for Lightwalk. Playing piano and various vintage synthesizers, Corciolli is joined by legendary bass player Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), world acclaimed percussionist Naná Vasconcelos, and Andre Matos (Angra and Shaman's former vocalist), who is considered to be one of today's great voices in Metal. The album also features outstanding interpretations by Marcus Viana on electric violin and Ulisses Rocha on acoustic guitar.  Mixed by Grammy award winner Flavio Senns. Mastered by Brazilian audio legend Carlos Freitas. LIGHTWALK was inspired by Carl Jung's famous words: "Who looks out, dreams; Who looks in awakens".

Lightwalk is on AirPlay Direct, a source for downloads of tracks for radio and DJs:


Lightwalk - Live At Auditório Ibirapuera  

Recorded in São Paulo, Brazil, Corciolli and special guests present music from LIGHTWALK along with new arrangements for his popular songs Toledo and Oratio. With the participation of special guest Tatiana Vinogradova on violin, the spectacle is memorable and in total synergy with the audience. The “Grand-finale” is an extraordinary performance of Queen's “Who Wants To Live Forever”, with vocals by Andre Matos.



Nosso Lar (The Astral City) by Corciolli 

Corciolli continues to express his fondness for spiritual themes in Nosso Lar by using the universal language of music to call forth feelings of beauty and everlasting knowledge.  Inspired by the spiritualist best-seller Nosso Lar, one of the main concepts addressed in the book is the belief that life goes on after the death of the physical body. Based around that theme, Corciolli developed his first ideas for this CD using electronic synthesizers along with piano and harp acoustic sonorities and a variety of orchestral timbres. The arrangements were created in a diversity of sound including a string ensemble made up of members from internationally acclaimed orchestras.  The result exceeds all expectations. Not only new, subtle, beautiful shades were incorporated to the arrangements, but it all was taken to a higher level of emotional expression. The album blends, with grace and lightness, moments of nostalgia, lovingness and enchantment, giving the listener the sensation of joy before the Divine Creation.



The Astral City is on AirPlay Direct, a source for downloads of tracks for radio and DJs: 


The New Moon of East by Tibetan Monks of Gaden Shartse & Corciolli

Merging the ancient tradition of Tibetan Monks chants with western music, Corciolli and the Gaden Shartse Monks break new ground with The New Moon of East. Rich textures and sonorities produced on synthesizers are blended with holy cathartic and prosperity mantras created with traditional Tibetan horns and percussion. The result is an album that surprises with its originality and spiritual beauty. This offering from the Tibetan monks of Gaden Shartse and Corciolli with the "Secret Mantra" and "Dedicational Prayer" is intended to help the listener experience the mysticism of Tibetan Buddhism.  

Music for Piano & Sea by Corciolli

Beautiful and gentle instrumental melodies and natural water sounds form a perfect soundtrack for reflection and inspiration, creating relaxing, reassuring and peaceful environments.

Unio Mystica

Musical selections from Unio Mystica by Corciolli have been featured on international compilations among artists like Vangelis, Sarah Brigthman, Luciano Pavarotti, Era, Enigma, Hans Zimmer, and Plácido Domingo.  When released in Europe, Unio Mystica received the benediction of His Holiness Pope John Paul II. 

With Unio Mystica (Mystical Union), Corciolli presents a beautiful seven piece suite, inspired by the medieval alchemy and union of male and female principles of the soul in communion with the Divine. Featuring Gregorian Chants, female vocals and inspired arrangements of piano and keyboards, Unio Mystica´s highlights are the mezzo-soprano voice of Adriana Mezzadri and the accordion of Brazilian virtuoso Oswaldinho. Partially recorded in the São Bento´s Monastery in São Paulo, Brazil.  Mixed at the SoundTechniques´ Studio in Boston, Massachusetts.

Unio Celestia by Corciolli  

Following up the sonant concept presented in Corciolli’s 1995 release of “Unio Mystica,” Corciolli adds some elements of Flamenco music as well as the astonishing duets of tenor Baulé, mezzo-soprano Tania Maya, and a Gregorian choir. Corciolli’s piano and keyboards textures produced the splendid sonority, added by ethnic percussions. In this harmony of sounds, the artist expresses himself, leading us to classical music, harmonic contemporary interpretations and jazzy improvisations, transporting the listener to a euphoric and reflective state. Highlights include “Oratio,” which was used as the soundtrack for the Brazilian soap opera “Essas Mulheres,” and “Toledo,” which was the theme song used by Brazilian gymnast Angelica Kvieczynski in the 2007 Pan American Games. The words in Latin were extracted and compiled using original text from the Middle Ages. 


Um Olhar (A Glance) - Corciolli, Maguinho, Sylvinho Mazzuca Jr. & Ulisses Rocha

Strongly influenced by Brazilian music and the participation of many special guests like acclaimed Brazilian guitar virtuoso Ulisses Rocha, Corciolli aims to stimulate the listener through beautiful melodies and stylish arrangements, emphasizing rhythmic subtleties and impeccable sound design strongly influenced by Brazilian music, with a taste of prog-rock and jazz. 

Unio Mystica, Unio Celestia & Um Olhar are on AirPlay Direct , a source for downloads of tracks for radio and DJs:

Exotique by Corciolli

Analog and digital technologies are blended using keyboards and percussion and more than one hundred timbres, intermingling melodies with rhythmic elements, sax, female vocals, and choir. The themes show an influence of Indian, African and Arabian music, presenting Corciolli's versatility through a broad spectrum of creation.

Featured Artists: Tania Maia (Voice) Tracks 1, 2, 6, & 8; Teco Carboso (Sax) Tracks 2, 6, & 7;  E. Flautas (Sax) Tracks 3 & 4; Afonso Figueiredo, Diogenes Gomes, Jose Luiz Martinez, (Choir) Tracks 3, 5, & 8.

All That Binds Us 

Released in 1993, Corciolli's ALL THAT BINDS US was the basis for the creation of the AZUL Record Label in Brazil.

Michel Friedenson: Additional Keyboards on “Two Seeds”

Fabio Marao: Electric Bass

Paulinho Campos: Acoustic Guitar on “Far”

The Tudoazul Collection from Azul Music consists of a collection of musical selections by Corciolli. It is inspired and based upon the principals of the ancient ancestral knowledge of alternative therapies like Feng Shui, Reiki, Yoga, Aromatherapy & more. The main objective is to provide music for relaxation and meditation - music to hear at any time to help balance the body, mind and spirit.

The Harmony of Feng Shui by Corciolli is a relaxing journey... designed as the ultimate in new age ambience. Corciolli blends ethnic acoustic instruments from his native land and from the Far East. The atmospheres are vast and dense. It fits Brian Eno's definition. It is interesting enough for deep listening and innocuous enough to be ignored. It also fits the standard new age philosophies of peace, love, and harmony. This disc will appeal to fans of Stephan Baer, Al Gromer Khan, Jorge Alfano, and Dean Evenson." ~ Jim Brenholts ALL MUSIC GUIDE


The Tranquility of the Sounds of Nature is consistently one of Azul Music's best sellers. Corciolli has recorded piano and sounds of nature, and each title track is represented by one natural element. He uses water (rain, sea, river, lake), whale and dolphin sounds, and bird, forest, and insect sounds accompanied by soft piano melodies, creating quietness, tranquility, and peaceful ambience. 


The Protection of the Angels by Corciolli

Angels are messengers of God dispatched to protect, help, guide and inspire us. The seven themes featured on Anjos represent seven angels. The music is intended to help instill in the listener the same attributes and qualities that make up these heavenly beings. 


 The Therapy of Aroma by Corciolli 

Aromatherapy is the art and science of the use of essential oils extracted from plants for therapeutic treatments. They can be used in massages, inhalations, compresses, and baths. Corciolli uses ethereal tunes, pianos, sequencers, keyboards, bird sounds, voice timbres, water and other nature sounds, percussion, and steel guitar. Recommended if you like Enya.

 Healing Through Colors by Corciolli 

The Healing Through Colours by Corciolli presents music for therapeutic usage, in this case, color therapy. It is intended to be used with application sessions, visualization exercises, and the harmonization of the ambient and emotional state. Corciolli used several keyboards, synthesizers, loops, arpeggios, bamboo flute timbre, pianos, and different effects to enrich the sound of the colors.

 The Energy of Reiki by Corciolli 

Reiki means vital energy (ki) emanating from universal wisdom (Rei). The technique's origin was in the Orient (Japan). It is a technique of the placement of hands, through which flows the energy of the universe, making possible the transformation and balance of the people that receive it. REIKI is continuous soft music, proper for Reiki applications, with a simple touch of a Tibetan bell every five minutes, indicating the change of the hands position. 

The Balance of Yoga by Corciolli

Using synthesizers only, Corciolli has produced a deep and introspective piece of work aimed at helping to bring the consciousness to a state of serenity with lengthy ambient and space music atmospheres of a meditative nature. Soft keyboards, guitar tunes, bird and water sounds, contemplative synthesizers, flutes, harmony, and a careful arrangement and production make this appropriate for both the Yoga apprentice and for general relaxation.

 Music of the Shamans by- Corciolli 

Shamanism has its origins in the practice of the healing rituals of American Indians. Invoking the help of natural spirits, the Shaman (the leader of the healing ritual) establishes a magic link between man and nature. They believe that this link will renovate spiritual and physical health. Full of percussion, sequencers, tribal effects, bamboo flutes, water and bird sounds, and electronic drums, this CD (the first of the tudoazul series, composed of a total of ten CDs) delivers music intended to re-create the atmosphere of a genuine ceremony.

 The Movements of the Sea by Corciolli

Review by Cesar Lanzarini ALL MUSIC GUIDE "The sea is the origin of life, symbol of the unconscious. The motion of the waves and the dolphin and whale songs produce a harmonic soundtrack for well being, relaxing tensions and reinforcing energies. Using the music as an idiom and translating the sensation of a walk  on the beach or a boat ride on the water, this CD introduces soft melodies followed by the natural sounds of water. Corciolli also used other sounds, such as gulls, whales, dolphins, and waves, accompanied by electric piano, keyboards, synthesizers, chords, and sequencers. All this atmosphere enriches this work, complemented by the each of the tracks' titles, which are directly related to the theme (e.g., "Infinite Sea" and "Our Friends Dolphins") and the cover art. This is the second release from the Tudo Azul series, whose main objective is to create music for relaxation and meditation."

The Music of the Celts by Corciolli is a unique CD. Corciolli is not imitating Celtic music. He is interpreting its attitudes and their effects on him. Only one of the tunes remotely resembles an Irish dance tune or a reel…and that piece is more atmospheric than rhythmic. These are ballads and light airs.




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