Infinito by Corciolli

INFINITO is the Portuguese word for infinity and the title for Corciolli's newest album. It is an organic blend of electronic textures, orchestral layers and uplifting melodies, very visual, with a strong approach to film soundtrack qualities and dreamy atmospheres. The album cover was designed by Poland’s digital artist Michal Karcz, who has been praised worldwide for his stunning images.


The Very Best of Corciolli 

THE VERY BEST OF CORCIOLLI is Corciolli's first compilation. Presented in a double set, the carefully selected tracks showcase exquisite interpretations of the artist that reaffirm the proficiency and robust versatility of his work. The first set focuses on his world beat oriented compositions. The second set highlights Corciolli's relaxation and meditational side. 


Lightwalk by Corciolli

This is an imaginative and diverse offering from Corciolli. Where Corciolli's music is usually associated with a meditative style, with LIGHTWALK, the eighth album in a successful discography, he enters a new phase musically, gathering elements of Progressive Rock, Brazilian Music, World and New Age, emphasizing the rhythmic support of drums, bass and percussion. Featuring a stellar team of guest musicians, the result is a distinctly different and fascinating album. Corciolli has created eleven original compositions for Lightwalk. Playing piano and various vintage synthesizers, Corciolli is joined by legendary bass player Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), world acclaimed percussionist Naná Vasconcelos, and Andre Matos (Angra and Shaman's former vocalist), who is considered to be one of today's great voices in Metal. The album also features outstanding interpretations by Marcus Viana on electric violin and Ulisses Rocha on acoustic guitar.  Mixed by Grammy award winner Flavio Senns. Mastered by Brazilian audio legend Carlos Freitas. LIGHTWALK was inspired by Carl Jung's famous words: "Who looks out, dreams; Who looks in awakens".


Lightwalk - Live At Auditório Ibirapuera  

Recorded in São Paulo, Brazil, Corciolli and special guests present music from Lightwalk along with new arrangements for his popular songs Toledo and Oratio. With the participation of special guest Tatiana Vinogradova on violin, the spectacle is memorable and in total synergy with the audience. The “Grand-finale” is an extraordinary performance of Queen's “Who Wants To Live Forever”, with vocals by Andre Matos.



Num Dia, No Outro by Seis Com Casca

NUM DIA, NO OUTRO, by Seis Com Casca is their second album. This unusual, yet beautiful, album takes the music of Tom Jobim, João de Barro and John Williams and merges elements of popular music with sophisticated arrangements usually only found in classical chamber music. Their repertoire covers a diversity of music styles from the Brazilian gender Chorinho to Argentinian Tangos, to movie soundtracks and even an original Jewish song. 




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