Danilo Tomic

Danilo Tomic is an award winning TV and film composer. He is also a student of the eastern culture. Shakuhachi is a traditional Japanese flute made of bamboo wood used in the Zen-Buddhist monasteries for meditation purposes and Tomic is the Brazilian Master of this art.  He has a master qualification for the use of the shakuhashi under the name Baikyo. Tomic is often invited to give concerts all over the world.

Wind Melody by Zenword - Shakuhachi (Japanese Bamboo Flute) + Electronics

WIND MELODY reintroduces exquisite melodies extracted from Azul Music’s celebrated Buddha Lounge series, with two additional tracks, performed by composer and flutist DANILO TOMIC. The selection blends the introspective sound of the Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) with luxurious contemporary electronic arrangements by producer Edson X.

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