AMBIENT LOUNGE is a unique 2 album collection of chill-out and electronic tunes by three of Brazil's most influential contemporary producers of electronic music: Marcelo Gallo, Edson X and Andre Andreo.  Their music is featured in dozens of international compilations, including Buddha Bar and Cafe Del Mar.  Assembled into two distinctly different flavors, the COOL collection is guided by ethereal sounds and light organic beats. SPICY, on the other hand flirts with uptempo grooves, deep-house and electro atmospheres. 


THE BEST OF BUDDHA LOUNGE brings together the finest electronic chill-out music to come out of Brazil. Azul Music has compiled a selection of some of the most popular tracks from their internationally popular eight volume Buddha Lounge series in a 2 tracklist set. Also included is a special selection of songs from the albums Spirit of Buddha and Spirit of India.



Brazilian Lounge by Various Artists

This album is a mid-tempo collection of Brazilian grooves fused with elements of Electronica, Latin and MPB (Brazilian Popular Music).  Many of the cuts were produced by today’s new breed of Brazilian musicians who are incorporating traditional music with today’s arrangements.

Brazilian Lounge 2 by Various Artists

BRAZILIAN LOUNGE 2 is another special compilation of irresistible electronic bossa lounge and chill-out songs that pick up where Brazilian Lounge leaves off. Traditional sound join contemporary styles in a unique way. Chill-out master Andre Andreo, of Cafe Del Mar notoriety, joins Brazil's Eletrobossa, the notable successful project of jazz pianist Michel Freidenson & electronic producer Edson X. Cris Cabianca's pristine and sexy voice of the new generation of Brazilian talent, delivers a refreshingly luxurious bossa-nova version of the Irish classic "Scarbourough Fair".



SHIVA LOUNGE blends electronic samplers, lush grooves and ethereal pads. Brazilian synth wizard Marcelo Gallo produced a unique album for Hindu singer Ratnabali Adhikari. The exquisite voice of Ratna sings mantras and bhajan supported by Gallo’s synthesizer textures, with special guests on percussion, sitar and Persian santur. The result is a classic ethnic-fusion album.


SPIRITUAL REALITY: TRANCE JOURNEY offers a line-up of various Brazilian artists performing hypnotic and irresistible trance/electronica for the dance floor. Recommended if you like Cash Cash or Metro Station.


URBAN MOOD by Various Artists is Electronic Chill-out of the city from Brazil's top DJ's. 


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