Classics for Babies (with Nature Sounds) - The Baroque Period introduces special arrangements of the Classics from the Baroque Period by Bach, Handel, Corelli, Vivaldi & more, accompanied with sounds of nature.


Classics for Babies (with Nature Sounds) - The Age of Elegance presents Carlos Slivskin's interpretations of Classics by Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Gluck & others from the Age of Elegance, accompanied with sounds of nature.


Classics for Babies (with Nature Sounds) - The Romantic Period



COSMOS is the fourth volume in the Music and Nature series by keyboardist/arranger Keco Brandão. Produced to bring peace of mind and serenity, soft instrumental themes are coupled with sounds of nature, creating beautiful musical landscapes with these natural sounds. Recommended for meditation, therapeutic use, or simply for relaxation.


Keco Brandão has created beautiful musical landscapes coupled with sounds from nature. This CD collection was especially produced to bring peace of mind and serenity. Recommended for therapeutic purposes, meditation or simply for relaxation with beneficial anti-stress effects. Sensibly produced by Corciolli, and complemented by digital finalization and mastering by acclaimed audio engineer Carlos Freitas, results in a fine piece of work. 



These are delicate songs that can soothe your baby into a calm and relaxed state. In a magic moment of his life the composer recorded a series of songs with total creativeness and sensitivity, based on the moments watching his son falling asleep.  The idea of creating this CD came from his wish to make other children enjoy these same pleasant feelings.

Featuring the acoustic sound of violins, violas, piano, harp, flute, bassoon and oboe and performed by some of the best musicians from Brazil, these poetic and refreshing compositions and arrangements of conductor Alexander Guerra will gently touch the sensibilities and soothe the soul.

THE WOMAN ASTRONAUT is an original concept album composed in cinematic orchestral-electronic style. The album has 14 tracks falling into three acts about the life journey of an astronaut: adolescence and homeland; young adult; maturity.  The Woman Astronaut was produced with Hollywood Studio Orchestra, top LA soloists and choir. It's a personal journey with universal resonance tackling the themes of perseverance, ambition, love, hope, destiny. The biggest soundtrack label Varese Sarabande released it worldwide via Universal Music Group to 5-star reviews and rapturous press.

Penka Kouneva is a film and game composer who has worked on some of the biggest films and games, with some of the greatest composers. A Sundance Fellow, Penka is also an industry leader, advocate and mentor who has nurtured the careers of dozens of composers and has opened career-changing doors for many. Her composition awards include Meet the Composer, Aaron Copland Award, Independent Music Awards, Hollywood Music In Media Awards, etc.

MAY 2015 UPDATE : Congratulations to Azul Music, who has been awarded the PPM 2015 - "Music Professionals Prize" of "Best Independent Publisher" in Brazil!

NEW! Infinito by Corciolli

INFINITO is the Portuguese word for infinity and the title for Corciolli's newest album.

With over thirty albums successfully released over the past two decades, Corciolli begins a new era with INFINITO. It is an organic blend of electronic textures, orchestral layers and uplifting melodies, very visual, with a strong approach to film soundtrack qualities and dreamy atmospheres. 

INFINITO’s 14 tracks include 10 new compositions by Corciolli like the oneiric ballad Dream of Us; bossa nova, Mono No Aware that radiates with Japanese music influences, and a passionate crossover tango, San Telmo, featuring cinematic percusssions. Included are exquisite arrangements of 4 of Brazil's immortal songs: Villa-Lobos Melodia Sentimental; Jobim´s bossa nova hit Se Todos Fossem Iguais à Você; Dolores Duran´s A Noite do Meu Bem (1959´s biggest BR radio hit) and Lamartine Babo´s Eu Sonhei Que Tu Estavas Tão Linda, a wonderful waltz from the 30´s.

Enhancing Corciolli’s subtle piano playing and array of synthesizers are special guests soprano Gracieli Valverde, saxofonist Ma3 and Leonardo Padovani on the violin and er-hu. INFINITO’s melodies are extraordinarily inspired, powered by orchestral arrangements and the liveliness of cinematic percussions.

The album cover was designed by Poland’s digital artist Michal Karcz, who has been praised worldwide for his stunning images.

Corciolli is endorsed by Yamaha Corporation.

American Music Company's "Daring Adventure", composed by Vincent Varco, is Hollywood, theatrical blockbuster music. Action packed, epic adventure, bold, exciting and magnificent arrangements for symphony orchestra. Perfect for movie trailers.

American Music Company, Inc.’s music catalog currently consists of thousands of tracks of music. Since 2004 they have produced an exceptional catalog of high quality music, one that is very comprehensive and has a wonderful diversity of musical styles and genres.

Patriotic/Americana that combines well-known and original arrangements. Military, Sousa-like marches included. (Full orchestra). Composed and arranged by Nicolaas tenBroek.

Nicolaas tenBroek is a recipient of the Lincoln Center Award. He has composed for feature films, including productions for New Line Cinema, E! Entertainment, Paramount, New Horizons, Durango Pictures and has worked with many respected producers including Francis Ford Coppola and John Romano. Nicolaas has also scored for NBC, Sony, Columbia TriStar and Warner Brothers. His music has been heard on such television programs as Dark Angel, Phantom Investigators, Good as Gold and Hollywood Off-Ramp. As a talented arranger, producer and instrumentalist, Nicolaas has performed with some of the highest profile entertainers of our day; including, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Cher, Santana, Patty LaBelle, Madonna, The Temptations, The Jackson Five, The OJays, Nancy Wilson, Herbie Hancock and The Pointer Sisters.

These prestigious, beautifully orchestrated and inspiring arrangements are majestic, heroic, ambitious and dignified. Full Orchestra. Composed by Patrick Smith.

Patrick Smith has been a professional musician for over thirty years. His instruments of preference are the piano and various woodwinds. Early in his career he performed in concert as an opening act for artists as diverse and prominent as The Beach Boys, Earl Scruggs, Virgil Fox, ZZI Top and Kiss. In between road tours, he worked as a session musician. Patrick began composing for film and television in 1976, writing and producing commercials. He has also created music for numerous political clients, including much of Congress and the last six Presidents. He has scored many syndicated and network television programs, including documentaries for the Discovery Channel, and the Fox Television series "America's Most Wanted".

American Music Company, Inc.’s music catalog currently consists of thousands of tracks of music. Since 2004 they have produced an exceptional catalog of high quality music, one that is very comprehensive and has a wonderful diversity of musical styles and genres.

Hard Rock with Orchestra backing; excellent for hard-hitting action/adventure. Powerful, gutsy, heroic, fearless, driving and dynamic tracks. Composed by Damon Criswell.

Damon Criswell is a talented, award-winning composer best known for creating emotionally engaging, adrenalin packed film scores. His compositions are both symphonic and intimate; providing an array of juxtaposing textures to his scores and performances. He has scored such films as 10 Bullets, Oceanfront Property, Inhumanity, and Eye See You. Damon is also a maestro of the theatrical trailer, composing the scores for Chronicles of Narnia, Shark Hunter, The Stickup, Harvard Man, Air Panic and U.S. Seals 3 to name just a few. He has received the “Official Selection” at the Cannes Film Festival for scoring the film Dreamcatcher and won “Best in Category” at the New York Film Festival. His score for Pale Blue Moon won “Best Texas Feature.” He has also received numerous awards from DownBeat Magazine as a pianist and composer.

AM138 - A Promising Day
Elegant and graceful, timeless and inspiring. Solo piano arrangements, beautifully performed on a concert grand piano. Composed by Peter Millrose.

Analog and digital technologies are blended using keyboards and percussion and more than one hundred timbres, intermingling melodies with rhythmic elements, sax, female vocals, and choir. The themes show an influence of Indian, African and Arabian music, presenting Corciolli's versatility through a broad spectrum of creation.

Featured Artists: Tania Maia (Voice) Tracks 1, 2, 6, & 8; Teco Carboso (Sax) Tracks 2, 6, & 7;  E. Flautas (Sax) Tracks 3 & 4; Afonso Figueiredo, Diogenes Gomes, Jose Luiz Martinez, (Choir) Tracks 3, 5, & 8. 

Country and Bluegrass music in a variety of styles from American Music Company's music production library. Exciting and fun, with plenty of foot stomping and finger picking dexterity. Composed by Steve Gibb.

Steve Gibb is an international sensation with over 20 years in the industry to back it up. His amazing instrumental versatility, combined with his ability to compose in many styles, enables Steve to transcend the musical genres with ease. He explores the fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds to form a unique approach to modern music. Since opening day, Steve has appeared and performed on stage and in the orchestra pit of the Tony Award winning Broadway musical, The Jersey Boys.

Combining piano driven light Rock / Pop with String Orchestra, American Music Company, Inc. has created a masterpiece. Each track is exciting, inspiring, uplifting and unique. Highly motivational and very classy. Composed by Bruce H. Zimmerman.

Bruce H. Zimmerman (ASCAP) is a four time Emmy Award winning composer for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Original Music Composition. He is also an accomplished guitarist and pianist. Working both with MIDI, high end samples and acoustic instrumentation, he is considered by many to be a creative genius. For over 20 years Bruce has been composing and recording music for film, documentaries, corporate, commercial, multimedia and children's projects. He has scored over 700 programs.

Contemporary and modern small group Funk / Jazz arrangements with a hint of retro. These very cool and funky themes are dynamic, exciting, driving, and captivating. Composed by Mark Krurnowski.

Super Charger Vol.1 - Ultra contemporary, super charged, hard driving rock, with sound design elements added to enhance the power. Exciting, fearless, action packed and daring, these themes are awesome. Composed by Gregg Montante.

 Super Charger Vol.2 (underscores) - Ultra contemporary, super charged, hard driving, power rock. Fully re-mixed. All of the SFX, sound design elements and lead instruments were removed, to create these underscores.


Beautiful relaxing arrangements by various artists selected from Azul Music's acclaimed catalog, creating a perfect union when mixed with nature sounds. The “MUSIC & NATURE” series is a six pack collection of songs specially composed and produced to provide calm and pleasant moments.

Adrenalin packed, heroic, dynamic, powerful and suspenseful, these bold, inspiring and exciting blockbuster arrangements will heighten the intensity of any production. Full symphony orchestra. Composed by award winning composer Damon Criswell.

FAITH´S DAWN is an invitation to spirituality and the third of a very special four volume set. The repertoire was carefully selected from traditional songs of great classical composers, enhanced by beautiful original compositions by contemporary artists known for devoting themselves to composing “music that touches the soul”.

Dedicated to devotionals for achieving peace and inner tranquility; for those moments of wonderment and devotional prayer. Included are both immortal classics and new contemporary songs that touch the soul. Classic themes like “Ave Maria” (Bach/Gounod) and “Messiah” (Handel), have been masterfully arranged by Argentinean Maestro Carlos Slivskin while inspired contemporary keyboardist Luciano Cesa’s “Oceano” and “Amor Infinito” help to relax and revitalize.


Soft melodies & natural sounds of water - The motion of the waves and the dolphin and whale songs produce a harmonic soundtrack for well being, relaxing tensions and reinforcing energies.

Angels is a set of dreamy electro-acoustic minimalism from Corciolli. These atmospheres are dense and cloudy. Corciolli's touch is light and symphonic and the soundscapes are gentle and soft. This is romantic music that is subtly seductive. It will appeal to fans of Constance Demby, Suzanne Ciani, Darshan Ambient, and Lisa Lynne.

Powerfully charged, energized, driving, gutsy, inspiring, bold, brassy and high impact “All American” sports themes from American Music Company's music library. Composed by Joel Mofsenson.

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