Cris Cabianca's debut album is an exceptionally original creation that combines a fusion of Brazilian rhythms with elements of diversified musical styles. Featuring seven original songs by Cabianca, two original songs by renowned composer/producer Corciolli, and a charming bossa–nova arrangement of the traditional tune Scarborough Fair, Cabianca delivers a unique vibe with a voice full of personality and an album brimming with harmoniously fresh arrangements.


BRAZILIAN LOUNGE by Various Artists

This album is a mid-tempo collection of Brazilian grooves fused with elements of Electronica, Latin and MPB (Brazilian Popular Music).  Many of the cuts were produced by today’s new breed of Brazilian musicians who are incorporating traditional music with today’s arrangements.

 BRAZILIAN LOUNGE 2 by Various Artists

BRAZILIAN LOUNGE 2 is another special compilation of irresistible electronic bossa lounge and chill-out songs that pick up where Brazilian Lounge leaves off. Traditional sound join contemporary styles in a unique way. Chill-out master Andre Andreo, of Cafe Del Mar notoriety, joins Brazil's Eletrobossa, the notable successful project of jazz pianist Michel Freidenson & electronic producer Edson X. Cris Cabianca's pristine and sexy voice of the new generation of Brazilian talent, delivers a refreshingly luxurious bossa-nova version of the Irish classic "Scarbourough Fair".


BRAZILIAN CHILL by Various Artists

The balance of melodies and rhythms in this collection of lounge, chill-out and downtempo styles make it an excellent choice for exploring the excellence in contemporary Brazilian lounge music. Many of the songs have been included in various international compilations around the globe. 


ELECTROBOSSA by Edson X and Michel Freidenson mixes Brazilian bossa tunes with a modern-day Electronica flair nicely, providing a refreshing mix of Brazilian fresh sounds and rhythms without surrendering the sonority and vivacity of the 70´s. 

With a distinct 70´s vibe, ELETROBOSSA NIGHTS includes Hip Hop, Samba, Gafieira and Funk influences, resulting in many engaging and exciting rhythm combinations.  A number of these tracks are featured in international compilations and TV series. (i.e. “Terra & Céu” was featured in an episode of ABC´s “Ugly Betty”.)



Roberto Angerosa & Tito Gonzales bring all the passion and strength of flamenco music with contemporary sounds on FLAMENCO! THE LOUNGE SESSIONS, injecting a new interpretation to the genre while maintaining the original spirit of Spanish music and dance. 








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