Marcelo Gallo

Marcelo Gallo is an accomplished producer, electronic musician, and DJ. He has been on the Brazil music scene since 1989. As a producer, Gallo has released many CDs of lounge, world and relaxation music, securing his place among notable electronic musicians from Brazil.

Etherean Voices

ETHEREAN VOICES brings together the best songs from the three VOICES releases produced by Gallo. Featuring the angelic voices of Tania Maya and Dani Nathan, Voices is inspired by the ethereal work of artists like Enya and Clannad  that continues to enjoy a prolonged popularity on North American and Canadian radio stations.

Etherean Voices is available for download to radio via AirPlay Direct. 

Andean Music by Emilio De Angeles & Gallo

The Andean flutes of Emilio de Angeles (Tarancôn) blend with the keyboards and samplers of Gallo, creating a new sound inspired by the ancestral culture of the Incas, the Mayan culture and electronic music.


Songbirds - Relax to beautiful soft downtempo melodies with the signature sound of producer Marcelo Gallo, accompanied by birds singing. 



Voices - Songs for the Moon by Gallo & Dani Nathan

This is a sound trip inspired by the mysteries of the moon and it’s natural and spiritual power. Soft and inspiring songs of angelical piano sounds and keyboards are presented in harmonic melodies by Gallo. Featuring Mezzo-Soprano Dani Nathan.


Voices - Light as the Wind by Gallo & Tânia Maya

Female vocals, uplifting sounds on piano, harp and keyboards, with influences of Celtic music. Featuring the mezzo-soprano voice of Tania Maya.



Voices - Fairy Tales

Vocal Feminine Charmers added to celestial atmospheres.







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