Andre Matos' album THE TURN OF THE LIGHTS concept is that, to illuminate something that was never lit, you reveal truths, faces and shapes even imagined. It is a reflection on the current state of humanity, which must understand that we are part of a whole, even while exercising our individuality. Produced by Brendan Duffey.


MENTALIZE by Andre Matos Band

MENTALIZE is Andre Matos’ second solo work. Mantos' powerful songs and magnetic interpretations are well expressed on MENTALIZE. Mixed and mastered at Gate Studio (Germany) by Sascha Paeth and Miro Rodenberg, MENTALIZE has 12 brand-new tracks. Produced by Andre Matos and his longtime partner Sasha Paeth.  Co-produced by Corciolli (Azul Music - Brazil). All lyrics are in English.



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