With sensitivity and lightness, the songs of this selection, composed by keyboardist Corciolli, present serene melodies combined with natural sounds of water. They are ideal for auxiliary therapeutic treatments, yoga classes, relaxation sessions or simple and comforting listening to ease tensions.


Music for the soul. To Relax presents an inspiring musical selection of soft instrumental themes accompanied by sounds of nature. Taken from songs produced by keyboardist and composer Corciolli, this is an excellent auxiliary instrument to accompany meditative practices, therapies or for quiet and relaxed listening.

Angels are messengers of God dispatched to protect, help, guide and inspire us. The seven themes featured on Angels represent seven angels. The music is intended to help instill in the listener the same attributes and qualities that make up these heavenly beings.


Corciolli uses ethereal tunes, pianos, sequencers, keyboards, bird sounds, voice timbres, water and other nature sounds, percussion, and steel guitar. Recommended if you like Enya.



Essentia is a four volume collection, compiling the original, inspiring and uplifting instrumental recordings by Andrey Cechelero.  His delicate orchestral arrangements invite the listener to journey within one's own divine essence. This is a must have for the long time Cechelero fan as well as new listeners who appreciate songs that help the soul to dream. 


The Harmony Of Feng Shui is a relaxing journey... designed as the ultimate in new age ambience. Corciolli blends ethnic acoustic instruments from his native land and from the Far East. The atmospheres are vast and dense. It fits Brian Eno's definition. It is interesting enough for deep listening and innocuous enough to be ignored. It also fits the standard new age philosophies of peace, love, and harmony. This disc will appeal to fans of Stephan Baer, Al Gromer Khan, Jorge Alfano, and Dean Evenson." ~ Jim Brenholts ALL MUSIC GUIDE


Feng Shui by PC Bernardes


Messengers Of Light by Corciolli 

Messengers Of Light is an invitation from Corciolli to seek spirituality with the aid of delicate melodies of piano, harp, violin and orchestral sounds. Corciolli's “messages without words”, are like prayers in the shape of music, helping to deliver the listener to that spiritual place where we find it possible to talk with the Inner Essence.


Keco Brandão has created beautiful musical landscapes coupled with sounds from nature. This CD collection was especially produced to bring peace of mind and serenity. Recommended for therapeutic purposes, meditation or simply for relaxation with beneficial anti-stress effects. Sensibly produced by Corciolli, and complemented by digital finalization and mastering by acclaimed audio engineer Carlos Freitas, results in a fine piece of work. 



Cosmos is the fourth volume in the Music and Nature series by keyboardist/arranger Keco Brandão. Produced to bring peace of mind and serenity, soft instrumental themes are coupled with sounds of nature, creating beautiful musical landscapes with these natural sounds. Recommended for meditation, therapeutic use, or simply for relaxation.


Azul Music brings together a selection of uplifting instrumental songs of great classic and contemporary composers with the Music & Spirituality series. The musical selections are intended to relax and sensitize the listener to reflect and to dream. All songs are performed by various contemporary artists. 



The Energy Of Reiki is continuous soft music, proper for Reiki applications, with a simple touch of a Tibetan bell every five minutes, indicating the change of the hands position.




Full of percussion, sequencers, tribal effects, bamboo flutes, water and bird sounds, and electronic drums, this CD  delivers music intended to re-create the atmosphere of a genuine ceremony.


The Music Of The Celts is a unique CD. Corciolli is not imitating Celtic music. He is interpreting its attitudes and their effects on him. Only one of the tunes remotely resembles an Irish dance tune or a reel…and that piece is more atmospheric than rhythmic. These are ballads and light airs.

The Movements Of The Sea introduces soft melodies followed by the natural sounds of water. Corciolli also uses other sounds, such as gulls, whales, dolphins, and waves, accompanied by electric piano, keyboards, synthesizers, chords, and sequencers.


Using synthesizers only, Corciolli has produced a deep and introspective piece of work aimed at helping to bring the consciousness to a state of serenity with lengthy ambient and space music atmospheres of a meditative nature. Soft keyboards, guitar tunes, bird and water sounds, contemplative synthesizers, flutes, harmony, and a careful arrangement and production make this appropriate for both the Yoga apprentice and for general relaxation.


Sleep well  is delicate and relaxing music intended to create tranquillity entering into peaceful  sleep. 


Wind Melody by Zenword - Shakuhashi (Japanese Bamboo Flute) + Electronics

Wind Melody reintroduces exquisite melodies extracted from Azul Music’s celebrated Buddha Lounge series, with two additional tracks, performed by composer and flutist DANILO TOMIC. The selection blends the introspective sound of the Shakuhashi (Japanese bamboo flute) with luxurious contemporary electronic arrangements by producer Edson X.

Also by Danilo Tomic



Touching The Soul is a collection of instrumental songs, drawn from the programming of Good News Radio Network. A selection of delicate instrumental compositions, especially produced to entertain and uplift the spirit. The romance and nostalgia of the melodies are in ethereal arrangements that are inspiring, providing the listener moments of inner peace and well being. Ideal for use in meditations, prayers and for re-energizing.

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