Infinito by Corciolli

INFINITO is the Portuguese word for infinity and the title for Corciolli's newest album. It is an organic blend of electronic textures, orchestral layers and uplifting melodies, very visual, with a strong approach to film soundtrack qualities and dreamy atmospheres. The album cover was designed by Poland’s digital artist Michal Karcz, who has been praised worldwide for his stunning images.


ESSENTIA is a four volume collection, compiling the original, inspiring and uplifting instrumental recordings by Andrey Cechelero.  His delicate orchestral arrangements invite the listener to journey within one's own divine essence. This is a must have for the long time Cechelero fan as well as new listeners who appreciate songs that help the soul to dream.   


ETHEREAN VOICES brings together the best songs from the three VOICES releases produced by Marcelo Gallo. Featuring the angelic voices of Tania Maya and Dani Nathan, Voices is inspired by the ethereal work of artists like Enya and Clannad  that continues to enjoy a prolonged popularity on North American and Canadian radio stations. 


FENG SHUI by PC Bernardes


Azul Music of Brazil brings together the music of great classic and contemporary composers on LIFE BEYOND LIFE, VOL 4 of the MUSIC & SPIRITUALITY collection. The musical selections are dedicated to the beauty and continuity of existence; evoking subjects intended to relax and sensitize the listener to reflect and to dream. All songs are performed by contemporary artists.


MELODY FROM THE WINDS by MA3 is soothing instrumental arrangements inspired by the stories of Greek and Persian mythology.





MESSENGERS OF LIGHT is an invitation from Corciolli to seek spirituality with the aid of delicate melodies of piano, harp, violin and orchestral sounds. Corciolli's “messages without words”, are like prayers in the shape of music, helping to deliver the listener to that spiritual place where we find it possible to talk with the Inner Essence. 


VOICES - SONGS FOR THE MOON by Gallo & Dani Nathan

This is a sound trip inspired by the mysteries of the moon and it’s natural and spiritual power. Soft and inspiring songs of angelical piano sounds and keyboards are presented in harmonic melodies by Gallo. Featuring Mezzo-Soprano Dani Nathan.


VOICES - LIGHT AS THE WIND by Gallo & Tânia Maya

Female vocals, uplifting sounds on piano, harp and keyboards, with influences of Celtic music. Featuring the mezzo-soprano voice of Tania Maya.




Vocal Feminine Charmers added to celestial atmospheres.






WIND MELODY by Zenword reintroduces exquisite melodies extracted from Azul Music’s celebrated Buddha Lounge series, with two additional tracks, performed by composer and flutist DANILO TOMIC. The selection blends the introspective sound of the Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) with luxurious contemporary electronic arrangements by producer Edson X.


Window To The World by Laurie Z. Laurie Z.'s WINDOW TO THE WORLD features upbeat orchestrations, sonic excellence, and has a strong melodic flow that engages you from the first song. Wonderfully rich instrumental music composed and arranged with all the instruments performed on keyboard by Laurie Z.


ANGELS is delicate instrumental compositions by Schicco Salles especially produced to uplift the spirit.





AQUILON by Alpha Phoenix (featuring Corciolli & Maria Bragança)

AQUILON is music inspired by sacred geometry and the fable of Aquilon and Orithyia. All music was composed from mathematic calculus transformed into musical notes from the original idea of Alberto Frioli (aka Alpha Phoenix), developed by composer, producer and keyboardist Corciolli and  composer and saxophonist Maria Bragança.


COBALTO by GIANNI LATROFA takes the listener on a sensory tour of the Italian countryside.

"Cobalto plays to the emotions, taking them on a breath-taking 'voyage' to magical places, both new and remembered. Soothing and uplifting, Cobalto is a compilation of poetry set to music with the beauty of nature as its guide." ~C.R.~




EPIPHANY by Jan Elaine is a beautiful CD that conveys many powerful life lessons, emotions, and experiences we can all relate to." ~ Kathy Parsons ~



THREADS IN THE TAPESTRY by JanElaine has mesmerizing melodies, is elegantly energizing; an amazing instrumental journey.





Michael Dulin reinvents 11 of your favorite classic melodies on TIMELESS.






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