Hard Rock with Orchestra backing; excellent for hard-hitting action/adventure. Powerful, gutsy, heroic, fearless, driving and dynamic tracks. Composed by Damon Criswell.

Damon Criswell is a talented, award-winning composer best known for creating emotionally engaging, adrenalin packed film scores. His compositions are both symphonic and intimate; providing an array of juxtaposing textures to his scores and performances. He has scored such films as 10 Bullets, Oceanfront Property, Inhumanity, and Eye See You. Damon is also a maestro of the theatrical trailer, composing the scores for Chronicles of Narnia, Shark Hunter, The Stickup, Harvard Man, Air Panic and U.S. Seals 3 to name just a few. He has received the “Official Selection” at the Cannes Film Festival for scoring the film Dreamcatcher and won “Best in Category” at the New York Film Festival. His score for Pale Blue Moon won “Best Texas Feature.” He has also received numerous awards from DownBeat Magazine as a pianist and composer.

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