THE WOMAN ASTRONAUT is an original concept album composed in cinematic orchestral-electronic style. The album has 14 tracks falling into three acts about the life journey of an astronaut: adolescence and homeland; young adult; maturity.  The Woman Astronaut was produced with Hollywood Studio Orchestra, top LA soloists and choir. It's a personal journey with universal resonance tackling the themes of perseverance, ambition, love, hope, destiny. The biggest soundtrack label Varese Sarabande released it worldwide via Universal Music Group to 5-star reviews and rapturous press.

Penka Kouneva is a film and game composer who has worked on some of the biggest films and games, with some of the greatest composers. A Sundance Fellow, Penka is also an industry leader, advocate and mentor who has nurtured the careers of dozens of composers and has opened career-changing doors for many. Her composition awards include Meet the Composer, Aaron Copland Award, Independent Music Awards, Hollywood Music In Media Awards, etc.

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