A WARRIOR'S ODYSSEY by Penka Kouneva contains 18 action-combat, drama, and fantasy themes in modern cinematic style and was recorded with live orchestra and choir, featuring top Hollywood musicians, and modern arrangements (percussion and electronics). Production values are at the level of popular soundtracks, such as Gears of War 3 and Modern Warfare 3.  

REVIEW ~ "Penka Kouneva has combined her remarkable and unique voice as a composer, along with some of L.A.’s most wonderful and expressive musicians, to create her newest collection of music for Film/TV and Video Games. "A Warrior's Odyssey" is jam packed with exciting action cues, haunting emotional cues, and everything in-between! From pounding percussion and ethnic voices, to soaring cello and violin melodies! Penka uses every tool in the composer’s toolbox to tell her musical story—a story of missions conceived, battles fought, glorious success, and heartbreaking loss. But, more importantly, a story of hope undiminished! In more ways than one, that is Penka's story ----- "A Warrior's Odyssey" ~Greg Edmonson (BAFTA-winning composer, "Uncharted" 1, 2, 3)


American Music Company's DARING ADVENTURE, composed by Vincent Varco, is Hollywood, theatrical blockbuster music. Action packed, epic adventure, bold, exciting and magnificent arrangements for symphony orchestra. Perfect for movie trailers.



O FILME DOS ESPÍRITOS (The Movie of the Spirits) by Corciolli contains the original soundtrack written and produced by Corciolli. The album features 21 instrumental themes, composed and arranged by Corciolli, using piano, synthesizers, samplers and programming. The album features a collaboration of an elegant "petit committee" of fine musicians on violin, clarinet and acoustic guitar. The job of mixing, surround sound, post production and mastering were done in conjunction with longtime partners, sound engineers Adonias Souza Jr. and Carlos Freitas. 


I STAND TRANSFORMED by Kirsten Vogelsang - Classical, Orchestral, Virtual orchestra

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