Ulisses Rocha

Brazilian guitarist Ulisses Rocha has made a name for himself in his homeland not only as a musician, but also as a composer, arranger, and educator. 

His style is very unique. His music is harmonically sophisticated, technically challenging and usually easy on the ear. As diversified as his early influences, his career has followed an interesting path.  He has arranged recordings for many Brazilian singers. He was also part of the Grupo D'Alma in the 70's, a guitar trio that is said to have influenced Al diMeola, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia to start playing together. His recordings are very eclectic and not tied to the Brazilian tradition of Choros and other musical genres forged on the guitar over the last 100 years. Instead, Ulisses and other musicians of his generation were also influenced by pop music which has translated in a rich addition to Brazilian music for the guitar. He has performed at various jazz festivals in Brazil, New York, Paris, the U.S. and Canada, and recorded several albums.

Brazilian Birds by Ulisses Rocha & Beto Bertolini

Take a trip with virtuoso guitarist Ulisses Rocha and renowned biologist and "Acoustic ecologist", Beto Bertolini through the Atlantic Forest, Pantanal and Amazon. Genuine environmental soundscapes, recorded in-loco by Bertolini, and Rocha's harmoniously unique and sophisticated style deliver an inspired selection of music with nature sounds of Brazil's native birds in their natural habitat. BRAZILIAN BIRDS is more than an ambient relaxation album of gutiar and nature sounds.  It is also a genuine representation about Brazil's sensitive ecosystems.


Acoustic Lounge Café by Ulisses Rocha

On ACOUSTIC LOUNGE CAFE, Ulisses Rocha injects elements of electronica into traditional Brazilian music with the help of guests like Drummer Pepa D'Elia & Bass player Ze Alexandre Carvalho. These pleasant subtle arrangements suggest influences of jazz, samba and pop and are a unique concept of electronics (grooves and loopings) translated for acoustic instruments.


AR (Air) by Ulisses Rocha 

Composed, arranged and performed by Ulisses Rocha with special guests Corciolli on Synths on Ar e Maré and Roberto Angerosa on percussion on De cara pro sol and Rindo da Saudade e Maré.







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