AFRICA: THE NEW BEATS by Edson X and Kimikumana 

"Even though this title is Africa, you shouldn't expect tribal music. This album is like your friend drum circle integrated with classic funk. I just stumbled upon this album, but it actually has a really cool vibe and groove." ~ Anne, iTunes Contributor  


ANDEAN MUSIC by Emilio De Angeles & Gallo

The Andean flutes of Emilio de Angeles (Tarancôn) blend with the keyboards and samplers of Gallo, creating a new sound inspired by the ancestral culture of the Incas, the Mayan culture and electronic music.



CAIRO - EGYPTIAN DANCES by the NOMAD group originated from a magical blend of musicians and dancers who decided to share their musical talents with the world to demonstrate the manifestation of the Arabic world’s most inspired music. The beats and dancing rhythms will seduce the listener through the sensuality of their melodies.

"Wonderful interpretation of middle eastern music - true to the original...very interesting and excellent arranging and instrumentation..." ~ Anahid Sofian     


INDIA by Ratnabali and Marcelo Gallo

Born to a traditional family in Kolkata, INDIA, Ratnabali Adhikari majored in Indian Classical music, graduating from Prayag Sangeet Samiti of Ilahabad at the age of 16. While attending Rabindra Bharati University in Calcutta, she specialized in various types of music – classical, folk-lorical, bhajan, and more. All songs composed by Ratnabali & Gallo.


JAPAN - TRADITIONAL MUSIC by Kitahara, Neves and Ribeiro

This is a meeting of three virtuosi of koto, shamisen and shakuhashi - Tamie Kitahara, Fernando Neves and Shen Ribeiro - beautifully interpreting traditional Japanese music. 




MUSIC FOR BELLYDANCE - THE BEST OF ARABESQUE is a definitive collection of the best music for belly dancing, mingling vibrant sounds that are both sensual and rhythmic. The exquisite musical selections of this compilation employ rich harmonies, melodies and rhythms of the Middle East and South Asia using both typical Arab instruments as well as contemporary modern arrangements that mix loops and elements of lounge and chill-out music.



Kaka Werá Jecupé is a Brazilian writer, philosopher and shaman of the Guarani tradition, one of the many nations that are part of Brazilian Indigenous culture. He has written many acclaimed books and is a true representative of his people. Joining forces with Moreno Veloso (son of Brazilian Popular Music icon´s Caetano Veloso) and producer Bartolo, Kaka Werá translates from the shamanic texts and chants one of the most powerful traditions of the Guarani´s: The Sun, The Moon and the Dreams.



SONGS FROM JAPAN offers 24 musical selections from songs especially arranged by CAMILO CARRARA for solo guitar. The songs were selected from the catalogue of the songs which inspired the art exhibit “The World of Taizi Harada” by renowned Japanese artist, Taizi Harada. The paintings were inspired by 100 Japanese songs selected by the Japanese people as the most outstanding songs of the 20th century that best represent Japanese heritage. These are songs the Japanese people would like to hear sung by generations to follow and to stay in their hearts throughout the centuries. 


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