Classical Crossover - "Music that hovers between classical - vocal or instrumental - attempting to create a synthesis between a classical and other popular style of music."

No Time But Eternity - Corciolli

Corciolli explores the junction of orchestral and electronic sounds with arrangements for piano, synthesizers and string quartet, added to ethnic elements. Maestro and violinist Claudio Cruz and Renen Gonçalves on violins, Gabriel Marin on viola and Raiff Dantas Barreto on cello. Mixed by award-winning audio engineer Alan Meyerson.



Silent Worlds - Corciolli

Intimate interpretations on piano and synthesizers, in compositions that evoke feelings of nostalgia and hope




Futura by Corciolli / Emmanuele Baldini

Corciolli and Emmanuele Baldini unite their universes of classical and electronic music.




Imaginary Brazil - Corciolli

Works for piano, violin, cello and synthesizers, in orchestral arrangements, inspired by the Brazilian imagination.