Greg Maroney Solo Piano

Greg Maroney is a very gifted pianist. The original piano music found in his nine CDs is beautifully written and flows as if it comes directly from nature. His songs have a warmth and naturalness that speak to the listener, bringing them closer to their own heart. His life and surroundings, along with his past and present, all add to the stories that are behind his wonderful music. He has studied classical and jazz piano since age five and currently performs in concert as a solo pianist, playing original compositions from his ten highly acclaimed CDs. He is based in rural south central Pennsylvania.

Greg has studied classical and jazz piano since age 5. He also studied classical Indian Music and music of the Middle East, and gave performances on the sitar and saz in the early 1970's. Currently he continues to compose, teach and perform in concert both locally and nationally. He and his wife live in an old farmhouse in the country they share with her parents, 3 cats, 3 dogs, chickens, and Greg's vegetable garden.

"Greg Maroney captures a full spectrum of emotions and musical colors, and presents them in an accessible form that deepens with each listening." Kathy Parsons,