“WorldSound” perfectly describes the global production company that is headed by Janet Cucinotti. Thanks to WorldSound Productions, our original music is being heard in markets that we would otherwise have been unable to reach. Opportunities have been created for us by Worldsound that we would never have known about without Janet's guidance and business acumen. The global approach embraced by WorldSound Productions continues to expand our musical horizon, and provides new fans and new partnerships every day. Thank you, WorldSound Productions and Janet Cucinotti.

Michael Dulin, President, Equity Digital Music

It is a pleasure to work with Janet Cucinotti and WorldSound Productions. Her work is serious, professional and always full of love and enthusiasm. She really makes the difference.

~ Corciolli Artist and President of Azul Music - Brazil

I’ve known Janet for more than 5 years now and appreciate enormously her infectious enthusiasm for my music. As an established Australian songwriter and recording artist, I'm thrilled at the opportunities that Janet and WorldSound Productions are providing for my music in America. It's been great meeting someone with her lateral thinking abilities and unerring instinct for possibilities - great qualities. I look forward to our fruitful partnership continuing for many years to come. And it was such fun coming to the USA and meeting and working with Janet in July this year. Together we can, and will, conquer the world of children's music!!

Peter Combe, Australian children's singer and songwriter

Janet Cucinotti created WorldSound Productions because she believes in good Music and when she offered to represent mine in the U.S. I was extremely honored. The choice of the words world and sound perfectly reflect this production complany aims... A BIG thank you to WSP. I'm sure that Janet will lead me to new lands!

~ Gianni Latrofa – Artist and Composer (Italy)

I am honored to be among the list of artists in the WorldSound Productions Artist Roster. Always on top of the music scene and with a nurturing touch, WorldSound Productions has kept me on my toes as an artist and keeps me believing that my music is important to the world! Thank you WorldSound Pros!

Charlie Souza

One of the most special blessings in my life is Janet Cucinotti. I've never met anyone that believes in her musicians and works as hard for them as Janet does. I am continually thankful that she found me and brought me into the fold and her very magnetic world. She starts before the sun is up and I'll still have e-mails from her late into the night. She has managed to keep my music on charts all over the world for the better part of two years now. She has increased airplay of all my albums and has even gotten my music played on airplanes! I am continually amazed at the new and creative ways she finds to navigate the ever changing technicality of the music business. She is always there to cheer me on, keep me on task or just delve out one of her prized speeches of encouragement. I've worked with a lot of people over the years, but I've never met another promoter/artist advocate better than Janet. She is truly a rare and wonderful find.

JanElaine Eller, Eagle's Song Productions

To say “amazing to work with” is an understatement. Janet Cucinotti intuitively selected choice pieces from WorldSound talent for my Heart of a Mother music CD to accompany my book of the same name. Each song on the CD captures the sentiments, and celebrates the feelings — matching the stories, poems and tributes within the pages.

Sheryl Roush, Speaker, Author www.HeartBookSeries.com

In a letter dated September 20, 1993

Dear Janet,

I wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with your work on behalf of “Window To The World.” We truly appreciate the effectiveness in promoting our release to radio stations and others across the country. As a matter of fact, I would say, without your help, we would not be in as good a position as we are for the promotion of the second release. You have worked tirelessly on behalf of the album, and your instincts are incredibly accurate and have proven to be our best strategic guide yet.

You came highly recommended from several respected sources, and I have to say that they were correct. I would, without hesitation, recommend your company to others (and I have too!). In that end, please feel free to utilize this heartfelt letter of recommendation in any way you require, and disseminate in any way which can help your wonderful company grow…

Thank you so much once again for all your hard work and excellence.

With best regards,

Laurie Z.


Zebra Productions