Jan Elaine

When you first see her, you might expect the performance to match the pretty, petite, and gentle natured person. Then she sits at a piano, and suddenly nothing is what you might expect. The powerhouse performances of this 5'1, 100 pound woman will resonate the chords of your very soul. No one hears her play without being profoundly affected. Her songs are broad and sweeping and take hearts soaring while also relaying a grace that leaves listeners with a sense of peace and well being.


Inspiring, visual, uplifting.

"OK- it is true I co-produced and performed on this project with JanElaine- but as a listener I am continually impressed every time I cue this CD up on my player! I have worked with many, many artists and musicians over the years, but I have to say that this project is the most unique, heart-felt and inspiring piece of work I have had the pleasure of being a part of.

Musically, JanElaine takes the listener on journey after journey into visual vistas that at times takes one's breath away, then goes deep within to unearth the secrets of one's own soul. Combining thought-provoking poetry and recitation with such powerful sonic splendor is a double whammy of visceral and spiritual stimulation- and the listener is left with a strong sense of satisfaction. Highly recommended!"~ Chip Martin

JanElaine Eller’s Threads in the Tapestry, Epiphany, & Eller Martin Christmas Project